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txt2speech.org is a free, unlimited text-to-speech conversion tool that allows you to easily convert text files, pasted text, or EPUB ebooks into spoken audio using advanced TTS technology. To get started, simply:

  1. Select your preferred TTS engine (Piper Local, OpenAI, or Nabu Casa) and configure the required settings.
  2. Load your text by uploading a file, pasting text, or converting an eBook, then click "Convert to Speech".

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the generated audio file. Ensure you have the rights to convert any text you use and review the Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Data Handling Policy before using this service.

Step 1: Select a TTS engine

If running locally (HTTP), you can set "Server Address" to your local LAN address (HTTP). On https://text2speech.org, you must use your nabu casa hosted address, or other HTTPS address.

Thank you, Wide Video, for the Web Assembly Piper TTS! (https://piper.wide.video/)

Some voices may cause errors. If a voice is causing you trouble, please submit an issue on GitHub.

8GB RAM required. 16GB RAM recommended.

Step 2: Load Text

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